January 12th, 2013

PocketFox has moved !

PocketFox and FireFly (ex ExecScript) can now be found their new website.

There I will be publishing PocketFox/FireFly documentation, syntax diagrams, code examples, tips and tricks, screen shots and more.

Notice that ExecScript name was changed to FireFly.

Please take your time and visit us.



If you are at one of your clients, that runs VFP apps developed by you, and you need to create a small program to be used only that time, or need to open a VFP table and perform some mantainance tasks (browse, pack, zap, rebuild indices, create new indices, modify table structure, add, delete or modify records, export table selected rows to files in many different formats, etc) and your client does not have a VFP developer version, neither its runtimes, you can take it with you and install along PocketFox.

If you want to know more about PocketFox and download it, just click here.


The idea of ExecScript came out when I was chatting with a friend who works for private companies, as a consultant in the strategic planning area. He told me about which tools he frequently uses to develop his work. Some of these tools are very sofisticated Excel spreadsheets, containing lots of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code.

As he explained to me, the structure and operation of those speadsheets, I found that one of the bottlenecks, in some of the processes, was data aquisition, because very frequently his users have to produce printed reports, using data extracted from databases, and manually insert the information contained in those reports into the spreadsheets. That’s not really a good practice because, despite having to enter data twice (in the database app and into the Excel spreadsheet), it could lead to typing errors and thus generating wrong information.

If you want to know more about ExecScript and download it, just click here.

Source Codes

If you want to create your own version of PocketFox/ExecScript, based in its original source code, translate it to other idiom and distribute it, you are free to do it, I just ask you to keep the highlighted parts of the “About Screen”, unchanged, as shown below (if it is ExecScript, change “PocketFox” to “ExecScript”). All other parts, included its size, you’re free to change, if you like.

I’ll keep adding new features, making corrections and changing parts of PocketFox. Any time I do it, I’ll release the new PocketFox.exe and the correponding source code.

PocketFox 6.1.4938 and ExecScript 1.2.600 Source Code (722Kb zip file)

Your feedback is very welcome, for that purpose you can use our contact form. Thanks !

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