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Yamaha Tmax Cafe Racer

May 4th, 2016

Californian custom bike builder Roland Sands likes to tread an unconventional path for his creations. A love of track riding ensures that as well as looking great, his customized specials have enhanced performance and a stripped back style.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Roland gained inspiration for his Hyper Modified by seeing pictures of the maxi-scooter during its development process.

With this Hyper Modified project we wanted to take the TMAX back to the basics. I saw a picture of one naked and was blown away by what was underneath the fairing. I was surprised as structurally the TMAX looked really cool — different and a little bit weird, which appeals to me. I was intrigued and started thinking about the possibilities of taking this mechanical beauty and using it to create the look of the bike…

When setting out to do something completely different you must sometimes take the road less traveled. In the case of the Tmax the equivalent was that of walking on Mars. There was nothing easy about this project. No guidelines, no magazines, nor pages of internet content to help guide crucial design decisions.

There was no one to call on the I phone or be inspired by. There really was nothing but our own thoughts and inspirations. From Surf scooter to boy racer and back again the pendulum swung. In the end the racer fought its way to the front of our consciousness to overcome the awkward and strange flow of the naked machine.

The finished product appeals to the rider in us.

After enjoying the challenge of building a Hyper Modified Vmax against Ludovic Lazareth and Marcus Walz we decided to give it another shot….this time with the TMAX! Watch our vid below and let us know what you think.

Fonte: Roland Sands Design

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