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PAL-V Flying Car

December 6th, 2013

For more than a century man has dreamed of the freedom provided by a flying car. The ultimate vehicle to go wherever and whenever you want to, easily overcoming all sorts of barriers.

Now you can leave home and fly-drive to almost any destination! Avoid traffic jams and cross lakes, fjords, rivers or mountain ranges like an eagle. Land on the other side and drive in your own vehicle to your final destination. In uncontrolled airspace you are in full command of your own time and destiny. This is what the PAL-V ONE is all about: it combines within one vehicle the freedom and excitement of flying like a bird in the sky with the choice of driving with breathtaking performance on the roads and highways.

The launch of the PAL-V ONE marks a truly historic event: the birth of a new class of vehicles offering unprecedented freedom, adventure, flexibility and pleasure – all in one product!

The PAL-V ONE is a two seat hybrid car and gyroplane: a personal air and land vehicle. What makes the PAL-V ONE attractive is the convenience of fully integrated door-to-door transportation.

On the ground this slim, aerodynamic, 3-wheeled vehicle has the comfort of a car with the agility of a motorcycle thanks to its patented, cutting-edge, ‘tilting’ system. It can be driven to the nearest airfield and take off just like any other airplane. The single rotor and propeller are unfolded to make the PAL-V ONE ready to fly.

When airborne, the PAL-V usually flies below 4,000 feet (1,200 m), the airspace available for uncontrolled Visual Flight Rules (VFR) traffic; so there will be no interference from commercial air traffic. Furthermore, the PAL-V is powered by a very robust, flight certified aircraft engine. It runs on gasoline. It can reach speeds of up to 180 km/h (112 mph) both on land and in the air.

The PAL-V ONE has a very short take off and landing capability, making it possible to land practically anywhere. When not using controlled airspace, you can take off without filing a flight plan. Flying a PAL-V is like a standard gyrocopter. It is quieter than helicopters due to the slower rotation of the main rotor. It takes off and lands with low speed, cannot stall, and is very easy to control. The gyroplane technology means that it can be steered and landed safely even if the engine fails, because the rotor keeps auto rotating.

On the road, the PAL-V ONE accelerates like a sports car. The razor sharp cornering makes you feel like you are skiing elegantly and effortlessly down a beautiful mountain. When flying, the PAL-V is very safe and easy to handle, opening up new dimensions of the personal freedom you have always wanted to experience. Fly-drive to an island, soar over that traffic jam, sail above water, create your own virtual bridge, cross that mountain range as freely as a bird. Go wherever you want to go whenever you feel like it and… fully enjoy the new experiences your PAL-V ONE offers!

Converting the PAL-V ONE from airplane to automobile is a very easy process which takes about 10 minutes. Once the engine stops, the propeller folds itself automatically into the driving position. Pushing a button then lowers the rotor mast into the horizontal position. The same motion lowers the tail. The outer blades are folded over the inner blades via hinge mechanisms. The last steps in the process are to push the tail into its driving position and secure the rotor blades. This conversion can be executed by the driver/pilot after just a short training lesson. To convert from driving to flying mode, simply reverse the sequence.

The distinctive look of the PAL-V is the result of an uncompromising design approach that integrates both aerodynamic and stylistic requirements. It is dynamic without being overbearing and delivers elegance rather than extravagance. The result is a timeless exterior that maintains excellent aerodynamics. What the driver/pilot sees, hears, and feels is all in harmony. The reward is total involvement: a level of engagement and experience that truly stimulates the senses.

PAL-V DVC Tilting Technology

The PAL-V drives using the patented DVC™ tilting technologies invented for the Carver ONE (a two-passenger land vehicle). Watch movie: “carver driving”

Steer it like a car and it banks like a motorcycle. It sounds deceptively simple, and it truly is! At the heart of the PAL-V lies the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC™) system which automatically adjusts the tilt angle of the vehicle to its speed and acceleration, enabling a plane-like ’tilting while cornering’ performance.

The driver’s input via steering torque is distributed between the front wheel steering angle and the vehicle tilting angle. This distribution is automatically adjusted to varying speeds and road conditions to ensure an optimal balance at all times. At lower speeds, the steering torque is directed to the front wheel angle and the passenger compartment remains upright. At higher speeds the steering torque is mainly directed to the tilt angle of the cockpit.

The genius of the DVC™ technology is in its simplicity: essentially a mechanical-hydraulic system. It relies on proven technology resulting in a reliable responsive, and above all, extremely safe steering system.

With the PAL-V ONE, tilting in corners becomes second nature.

General characteristics

  • Capacity: 2
  • Empty weight: 1,499 lb (680 kg)
  • Gross weight: 2,006 lb (910 kg)


  • Maximum speed: 97 kn (112 mph; 180 km/h)
  • Minimum control speed: 27 kn (31 mph; 50 km/h)220-315 mile range inflight, 750mile range on land.

Source: PAL-V.com

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