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Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?

December 3rd, 2013

The world is waking up. This is one of the tag lines used in the newly released documentary Thrive and there is no doubt about that. Whether you see it as the ending of a cycle, a shift of the ages, or leap in evolution, something new and different is definitely taking place on the planet. And why? Because as we look around, as this new documentary points out, the human race is far from thriving. In fact for many on our planet to this day, life is a matter of bare surviving.

With all of our advancements in thinking, science, and technology, it is hard to believe that we would be facing any one of the serious global problems we have today like poverty, or famine, or resource depletion. But we are not, we are facing something much bigger. As a planet, we are at a time of great crisis where we are facing it seems all the possible major problems that are putting the health and well-being, not to mention entire survival of this planet and the human race at risk.

So what on Earth will it take is being asked of us by Thrive. What a powerful question to ask the human race today. What indeed will it take for us to wake up and change our ways to reflect a life that is more harmonious for this planet and all of her species. How much more pain, suffering and destruction do we need to endure, to finally wake up and shift things into a new way of life and being? Well if you think, like the film’s creator Foster Gamble, the scales are tipped against us, and until we learn what is really going on, on planet Earth, we may not be in any position to create real change.

So far, this film has created quite the stir as it raises a lot of eyebrows and causes a lot of discomfort with the information it presents. It is not your everyday spirituality or quantum physics based documentary about “waking up”. Thrive pushes the envelope and comfort level of everything many of us hold dear when it comes to why the state of our world is as it is today. It exposes information that most people would find impossible to imagine, yet alone fathom to be real. And in this review I will share with you more about this information, and some of my personal insights when it comes to this film.

Thrive Background

Thrive – What On Earth Will It Take is a documentary that was released in November 2011. It was created and hosted by Foster Gamble; produced and directed by his wife Kimberly Carter Gamble; and made possible through the efforts of various other team members. See here to learn more about Foster, Kimberly and their film production team.

As mentioned the film is hosted by Foster himself and features him presenting various  pieces of information based on his personal research as well as interviews with numerous guest experts. It also features Kimberly presenting some of her views and research with respect to some topics.

Some of the experts and teachers featured in the documentary include:

  • G. Edward Griffin
  • Nassim Haramein
  • Duane Elgin
  • David Icke
  • Elisabet Sahtouris
  • Paul Hawken
  • Deepak Chopra
  • Catherine Austin Fitts
  • Daniel Sheehan
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard

The movie also features various image and video clips that highlight and strengthen the topics discussed. It has an overall great cinematic quality and even some special effects to keep things interesting and exciting to watch.

Thrive Content

The essence of Thrive is to present information about the problems and solutions for our modern day world when it comes to the major challenges we face. It focuses on, and dissects topics like the monetary system, the energy challenge and world domination. Many may call it a type of conspiracy theory film, but it is so much more than that. Yes, it presents things that for many people who are not familiar with the content from personal research will be hard to swallow, but it is sure to reference and back up all the information it presents. It can take you on amazing journey of some out of this world concepts when it comes to quantum physics, sacred geometry, cutting edge technologies, hidden politics and empowering economics.

Thrive contains an introduction and the following four parts:

Part 1: Uncovering the Code

(Includes a thorough discussion on quantum physics, free energy, the significance of the Torus pattern, Vector Equilibrium, UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon, crop circles and the science to date that has produced clean, alternate energy.)

Part 2: Following the Money

(Includes a thorough discussion of the corporations and key players that have the greatest stakes to suppress free, alternate energy, as well as modern toxic farming methods, GMOs, chemical farming methods, pollution of the Earth, current education system, current health system, the politics involved behind each of these topics and methods of control.)

Part 3: Uncovering the Global Domination Agenda

(Includes a thorough discussion about the New World Order, and the elements needed to make that happen, the main families who are ruling the global elite, and in turn the corporations. The problem-reaction-solution tactic to get certain outcomes and control the populaton is also explained.)

Part 4: Creating Solutions

(Includes a thorough overview and presentation of the possible solutions and strategies to make individual and collective change. Various practical everyday tips are given and empowering, positive, uplifting messages are shared.)

Source: EvolvingBeings

Thrive Trailer Following The Money Upstream

Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take? (english version)

Prosperar: O Que Será Necessário? (legendado em português)

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