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Breaking Bad

September 28th, 2013

Breaking Bad is an American television drama series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The series is currently broadcast in the United States and Canada on the cable channel AMC and is a production of Sony Pictures Television.

It premiered on January 20, 2008. To date, three seasons comprising 33 episodes have aired. The series has been renewed for a fourth season, scheduled to premiere summer 2011.

Set and produced in Albuquerque, New Mexico,

Breaking Bad is the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the beginning of the series. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine with his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), with the aim of securing his family’s financial future.

Breaking Bad has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its writing and cinematography as well as for Cranston’s and Paul’s performances.

It has won six Emmy Awards—including three consecutive wins for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Cranston—in addition to numerous other awards and nominations.

The series is set and filmed in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The network originally ordered nine episodes for the first season (including the pilot), but the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike limited the production to seven episodes.

Lead actor Bryan Cranston stated in an interview: “The term “breaking bad” is a southern colloquialism and it means when someone who has taken a turn off the path of the straight and narrow, when they’ve gone wrong. And that could be for that day or for a lifetime.”

Writer and creator Vince Gilligan defines the term as “to raise hell”.

Breaking Bad reportedly costs $3 million per episode to produce, higher than average cost for a basic cable program.

Main cast:

Bryan Cranston (Walter White)
Anna Gunn (Skyler White)
Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman)
Dean Norris (Hank Schrader)
Betsy Brandt (Marie Schrader)
RJ Mitte (Walter White, Jr.)
Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman)
Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo “Gus” Fring)
Jonathan Banks (Mike)

Interview With The Cast

The Evolution of Walter White

The Evolution of Jesse Pinkman

Season 1 (2008)

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) leads a mundane life as a high school chemistry teacher, living with his wife, Skyler (Anna Gunn) and his son, Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte), who has cerebral palsy. His life is complicated when he is diagnosed with stage-three terminal lung cancer.

Walter decides to enter the illegal drug trade to develop a sufficient inheritance for his family before he succumbs to his cancer.

He uses his chemistry knowledge to cook a remarkably potent methamphetamine (crystal meth) with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

The two attempt to sell their product to a drug distributor, “Krazy-8,” who believes that Walter is secretly a cop and attempts to kill him.

Walter and Jesse manage to defend themselves, by kidnapping and killing Krazy-8 and his accomplice.

Walter, deeply disturbed by the ordeal, breaks his ties with Jesse.

Upon returning home, Walter and his family discuss long-term plans towards dealing with cancer. While Walter originally wishes to slowly succumb to his cancer rather than suffering the side-effects of chemotherapy, his family eventually convinces him to undergo treatment.

Walter is offered financial assistance from his brother-in-law, Hank (Dean Norris), who is a DEA agent, and his wealthy friend Gretchen, but turns down both offers. Instead, Walter decides to return to producing crystal meth, and tells his family that the money he earns was actually from Gretchen.

Walter then convinces Jesse that they should start selling their product to Tuco (Raymond Cruz), a powerful but psychopathic drug distributor.

The two begin to expand their operations by stealing a large drum of methylamine, thereby producing large quantities of meth for Tuco. Walter begins to come to terms with his secret lifestyle, and creates the pseudonym “Heisenberg” to conceal his identity.

Season 2 (2009)

This season resumes where season 1 left off. Walter and Jesse have been kidnapped by drug dealer Tuco following the uncovering of his business by the DEA. Tuco, intending to use Walter and Jesse in a scheme involving a Mexican super-lab, has to be stopped, and in a dramatic struggle, Walt and Jesse shoot him and leave him for dead.

Unknown to them, Hank has tracked down Jesse’s car, which leads Hank directly to them and a very methed-up, angry, and wounded Tuco. He kills Tuco in an intense shootout. Jesse loses his money in his car when the DEA seizes it, leaving him broke. Jesse becomes involved with Walter once again, continuing their cooking.

Cutting out the middle men (smurfs) who purchase large amounts of pseudo (Pseudoephedrine, typically as Sudafed), the two decide to steal a similar chemical which can be used with a new formula. After a successful theft, Walt and Jesse resume cooking in their RV in the desert. Walt decides they will cook for four days straight and “make hay while the sun shines” by producing 40 pounds of meth. Walter lied to his wife, saying he would be staying with his mother while he and Jesse left to cook.

After they make large quantities of meth, the RV won’t start. Walter at first despairs of their survival, then conceives a successful plan to construct makeshift batteries. The RV starts, and they return to town.

When Badger is busted by the Albuquerque PD, Walter and Jesse are forced to hire a lawyer, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), and this further strains their finances, since they must pay $80,000 in legal fees. Jesse becomes involved with his landlord’s daughter, Jane (Krysten Ritter), a recovering heroin addict. Walter breaks into Jesse’s house to collect all of their meth for a $1.2 million deal with a drug lord, and misses the birth of his daughter, Holly.

Later, in Jesse’s house, he witnesses Jane choking to death on her vomit while drugged and asleep and does not act to save her. That morning Jesse wakes to find Jane dead, and is devastated. In the season finale, Skyler is overcome with suspicion over Walter’s many disappearances and tells him to pack up and move out.

Season 3 (2010)

The city of Albuquerque is in shock after the mid-air collision at the end of the second season. Walter and Skyler have separated and Jesse is in rehab following Jane’s death.

Skyler reveals to Walter that she has been sleeping with her boss, as a measure of revenge for Walter’s troubling revelations.

Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) makes Walter an offer: $3 million for 3 months work, which he initially turns down.

Later in the season, Walt accepts Gus’ open-ended offer to produce meth for $15 million per year, leading Walter into a much deeper role in the meth business.

Drama continues to escalate, forcing Jesse to become his partner in crime once again.

Jesse and Walt, as usual, clash, causing a much undesired confrontation with Gus.

Walter’s protective and fatherly instincts end up pushing the both of them over the edge and leave the two scared and desperate for their lives.

As Gus prepares to replace Walter as cook in favor of Gale (David Costabile), the two take matters in their own hands in order to preserve their value to the organization.

Season 4 (2011)

On June 14, 2010, AMC announced that Breaking Bad was renewed for a fourth, 13-episode season.
At the 2011 Television Critics Association press tour, it was announced production on the season would begin January 13, 2011.

At the event, AMC’s senior vice president Susie Fitzgerald stated, “As we ramp up production for the next season of Breaking Bad, we look forward to returning to Albuquerque, which serves as a perfect backdrop for the evolution of Walt White’s character,” and that “Vince Gilligan and his team deliver bold storylines that truly deliver a mesmerizing, exhilarating television experience.

We look forward to an incredible fourth season.” Due to the extended hiatus, to bridge the gap between seasons, three mini episodes of four minutes in length will be produced.

Actor Bryan Cranston commented that the season would debut in July 2011 in an interview with New York Magazine, he also said regarding the premiere date that “It was a decision from AMC that they wanted to position us in July… They want to attract as many eyeballs as possible, away from the heavy competition of the September, November [or] January start.

Season 5 (2012–13)

On August 14, 2011, AMC announced that Breaking Bad was renewed for a fifth and final season consisting of 16 episodes. Season five is split into two parts, each consisting of 8 episodes. The first half premiered on July 15, 2012, while the second half premiered on August 11, 2013.

Walter, Jesse, and Mike begin working together to create a new meth production and distribution operation following Gus Fring’s death. Mike handles all business operations while Walter and Jesse work with a team of house fumigators to produce meth in tented houses. Despite the new business model, Hank and the DEA are able to identify nine prison inmates and one lawyer who possess potential criminal ties to Mike. Walter kills Mike and then hires a white supremacist gang to murder the informants from within prison. Without any interference from the DEA, Walter is able to accrue about $80 million before he decides to retire.

Later, Hank is invited to the Whites’ home, where he unintentionally stumbles upon one of Walter’s books with a signed message from Gale Boetticher. He realizes that Walter is the infamous Heisenberg and secretly restarts the investigation. Hank forms an alliance with Jesse, who now despises Walter for all his wrongdoings. Left with no other options, Walter hires the white supremacist gang once again to murder Jesse.

Walter attempts to confront Jesse in the desert, but instead Hank traps and arrests him. The prison gang arrives and engages Hank in a fierce firefight. The gang executes Hank despite Walter’s pleas. Jesse is captured, tortured, and then coerced to produce meth for the gang.

Sklyer and Walter Jr. are distraught over Hank’s death and hold Walter accountable. They refuse to leave Albuquerque with Walter and instead contact the police. Walter spends the next several months hiding in a cabin New Hampshire.

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